Labeling - Printing On Bottles

We are a company working for differentiating institutions and reaching productive results without sacrificing our service quality thanks to our experience in the label sector. We serve with effective quality management in all processes from raw material inflow to product delivery in label production, and offer the most suitable printing solutions by considering all the alternatives with our expert team. We follow up your needs, and combine the label with art. We build bridges between you and your customers with our tailor-made graphic solutions and applications. We bring the world standards to you by constantly developing our printing technology with our innovative structure. With our wide product range; we provide service in various sectors, particularly in food, cosmetics, chemistry, pharmaceutical and beverage sectors, and produce labels in every size that can be used in different fields. With the new machine park in the label group, we offer you all the features you would like to have in a label without having any boundaries in printing. In our production facility equipped with advanced technology machines, we decorate your labels with high quality printing. We meet all your label needs with our machine having 8-color capacity. There are machines in our production plant, in which flexo and gravure printing techniques are used, that has the feature of making hot-cold gilding and embossing. With these machines, printing can be made from 12 microns to 350 gr. paper and film material. We can offer integrated solutions to you with our printing block preparation center and printing service with variable data

Flexo Printing


With the Flexo technology’s most advanced machines, an average production of 1800 to 2100 square meters can be made in an hour. In addition to glossy, opaque, transparent and thermal label prints, 8-color printing, Shrink Sleeve, Pearlize film group, cold gilding and simultaneous reverse printing can be made. We are always your solution partner with the fast and quality service and high color quality of the production line. It is the ideal printing for your medium and low circulation work. It has recently contributed to the production of Shrink Sleeve with low engraving cost and length of term. Even though the cost of paint effects the price of the product, the decrease in waste rates provides saving for the supplier.

Rotogravure Printing


With its wide dimensions, it can offer special projects for you, and it provides savings in your high circulation works. It provides clarity in visuals that is difficult to degrade until zero, and it provides perfect solutions for the works, printing quality of which requires high ink density. Cylinder cost of rotogravure is high, but thanks to its low paste cost and combined printing capability, it provides economy for medium and high circulation jobs. The length of term can extend to 15-30 working days after printing approval.