Shrink Safety Tapes

PVC – Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) high density film that shrinks at low temperature. The most commonly used material is PVC, an easy film to control in the shrink process. It has a wide range of excellent shrink rates, sharpness, print quality, shrink temperature and shrink rate. PVC also has high impact strength for extra weather resistance. This durable shrink sleeve material has a very low cost. PETG- Polyproplyene Teftalat Glycol (Petg) is a high density film with high strength ratio, excellent clarity. Petg is an expensive and heat resistant film, it has a high shrinkage property, it has a higher brightness in very durable printing and at the same time it has a very low shrinkage rate. Petg is pasteurized and recyclable in today’s market as a highly sought-after feature. OPS- (Oriented Polystyrene) over 70% TD feature is completely recyclable, so it is an effective solution for sleeve with its environmentally friendly low processing direction shrink feature. PLA- polylactide or polylactic acid PLA is a biodegradable thermoplastic material obtained from edible sources. It has increased its popularity in addition to its use as a shrink sleeve label due to its ability to shrink and be degradable in recent years.

Transparent Safety Tape

It can be produced transparently in the desired size and thickness. In addition to the food industry, it is a highly preferred product in the beverage and cosmetic industry.

Printed Safety Tape

It is a product that is preferred in high volume projects produced with special designs for your company. It can be produced in the desired size and thickness.

Carboy Safety Tape

Safety tape, which is made mandatory in the water sector, can be produced with rotogravure or flexo printing technique.

Ready to Ship Dimensions

50 micron 50*50 mm 500 m/roll
50 micron 65*30 mm 500 m/roll
50 micron 75*30 mm 500 m/roll
50 micron 91*30 mm 500 m/roll
50 micron 105*30 mm 500 m/roll
50 micron 115*30 mm 500 m/roll
50 micron 119*30 mm 500 m/roll
50 micron 137*30 mm 500 m/roll
50 micron 165*30 mm 500 m/roll
50 micron 239*35 mm 500 m/roll